who we are


Acoustics, Art, Aesthetics, Sound. Music.
In our opinion, all these terms can be reduced to one common denominator:

Emotions. Emotions reflecting the spirit/vibe of our time.

Urban Legends exists to powerfully covey those emotions

• As a service provider in the audio and music industry we want to listen to you, take up your ideas and
help make your vision aesthetic and artistically appealing.

• As musicians, composers and audio engineers, inspired by the sophisticated and urban culture of our
time, we produce music for you and with you.

• As a label we aim to offer musicians a platform that presents and represents both their and our

It is our goal and desire for you to experience Urban Legends as a reliable partner and a source of creativity. No matter how you use our services:

We guarantee and assure you we will reach high demands, create an atmosphere and wake emotions, wake emotions in you and in anyone else to come across our products.
Christian Ruff
Christian Ruff
dipl. Audio Engineer
CEO Urban Legends

what we do


Urban Legends is specialized in creating a characteristic sound and an acoustic signature for your company or you as a musician. By which means and to which extent this is done is alone your decision.

With our yearlong experience in engineering and music, the know-how associated with this, our top of the range studio equipment and our contacts to trained, talented and flexible studio musicians and speakers, we are able to realise your ideas accordingly. We set our main priority on waking emotions and creating a fascinating atmosphere.

We can gladly bring in our own ideas and concepts, weather you simply need a lead or an idea concerning the instrumentation of a movie score, or weather you require a complete track including song writing, arrangement and sound design.
At Urban Legends we profit from a vast amount of experience gathered from various successful projects and from the consistent positive feedback from our customers - whose demands range from simple recordings for telephone waiting loops, over soundtracks and atmospheres for websites up to movie scoring/dubbing and complete album productions.

In our function as a label we aim to present you with independent music, resulting solely from artistic efforts and carrying an urban metropolitan character – which is what defines Urban Legends’ philosophy.

what we have


As a proud part of the area58-studio complex, Urban Legends is able to satisfy all technical demands. As our guest you will soon learn to value the friendly atmosphere, the considerate team and the quality of our productions.

Our recording equipment has been specially designed and manufactured by vintagetools according to our needs. Acoustically modified rooms and booths assure perfect results even before the audio signal is sent on its way through high quality microphones, our Lawo and Apogee preamps and Neumann EQs and compressors.
The newest Apogee converters supply the best possible digital conversion with a sample rate of up to 192 kHz and of course 24 Bit.

An impressive collection of hardware and software synthesizers as well as excellent effects and dynamics processors from companies such as TriTone Digital, Sonnox Oxford or Waves can be utilised during production. Three perfectly matched monitoring systems (Spendor, Event, LG) guarantee an ideal monitoring during production.
  Of course it is not necessary for the customer or instructing party to attend every phase of the production. Modern methods of communication and the Internet make international and intercontinental productions possible. As examples please regard our productions for the Japanese Moneo company in Tokyo or our corporate identity album for the company Scabal in Brussels.

We do however equally enjoy having our customers here in person at Urban Legends studios. Should you be interested, we will gladly explain technical backgrounds and make sure you miss nothing during your visit. Of course you are fully free to use our comfortable and cosy accommodations. You will also find a range of hotels in the near vicinity of the studio.

what we did


Scabal Scabal (Brüssel)
kein Bild BestBoy Music (Langen)
Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt (Frankfurt am Main)
Nosie Katzmann Nosie Katzmann
Network-Medien Network – die ganze Welt des Klangs (Frankfurt am Main)
kein Bild Bob Degen / Hansa Jazz Quartett
www.bobdegen.com / de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Degen
SAE SAE School of Audio Engineering (Frankfurt a. M./ Stuttgart)
kein Bild Magou & Dakar Transit
kein Bild area58studios (Frankfurt am Main)
Alexa Phazer Alexa Phazer
Universität Bamberg Otto-Friedrich-Universität (Bamberg)
kein Bild Blues Blend
VintageTools VintageTools (Mörfelden)
kein Bild Franca Morgano
kein Bild XitriX
kein Bild BestBoy Music (Langen)
kein Bild Alex Dreppec / Dichterschlacht
www.dreppec.de / www.dicherschlacht.de
kein Bild Tillmann Uhrmacher
kein Bild   kein Bild  
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where we are


You have further questions or wish for a non-binding counselling interview? We would be happy to help!

If so, please use the adjoining contacts or the contact form.

Urban Legends
Christian Ruff
Gerauer Straße 58a
D-64546 Mörfelden

Tel.: +49 177 339 3329



01Tamburo e Spigola
02Musikmesse Frankfurt Theme
03La bella Moda
04Wo Ist Das Land
05Summer Sadness
06Mbegel (Love)
07Data Room Services
08Moneo Action Guy
09When Daylight comes



Urban Legends
Christian Ruff
Gerauer Straße 58a
D-64546 Mörfelden

Tel.: +49 177 339 3329
Email: mail@urban-legends.info


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